The last survivors[Celestial Nebula HO] (no MTX)

The darkness has consumed Wraeclast. Only few people have managed to survive the disaster. They were saved by old Cassia's fellow-scientist which knew about upcoming catastrophe and made barrier around his lab. While team were trying to find something about the darkness scientist has managed to build a time machine.

Now group is searching for the answers in the past on how to return everything they had before.

HO info

Total cost: 1,015,540
Total decorations: 164

Uses MTX: No

Einhar, Beastmaster Level: 7
Zana, Master Cartographer Level: 7
Alva, Master Explorer Level: 5
Niko, Master of the Depths Level: 6
Jun, Veiled Master Level: 3


Can be downloaded on HO showcase
Last bumped on Aug 10, 2020, 6:10:26 AM
Updated HO:
Added details to Time Machine. Fixed some simmetry issues

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