Void Kingdom by Canilaz But It is Not so Void Now[Celestial Nebula HO](no important MTX)

Added some life to Canillaz's "Void Kingdom HO". A lot of people liked the updated version.

HO info

Total cost: 1,424,680
Total decorations: 265

Uses MTX: Yes(not needed)

Einhar, Beastmaster Level: 6
Zana, Master Cartographer Level: 7
Alva, Master Explorer Level: 5
Niko, Master of the Depths Level: 4
Jun, Veiled Master Level: 0


Last bumped on Aug 10, 2020, 2:01:27 AM
Hey, thanks for keeping my name, but feel free to change name of HO as you wish. A note in description which was original idea is enough for me. :)
I have an idea to rework this HO but lack point atm and work on one bloody HO. Wonder how many people like big hideouts when small ones are practical when we play, so i can know what size to aim for. :)
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