Custom Filters Not Working

I'd been using a custom filter all season making changes as needed. Just the other day I made 1 other change, to see another item that I wanted to look for that seems to have broken the filter completely.

It's a custom Uber Strict filter, the change that I made was to also see 'Fated Uniques' as I had a prophecy I was looking to remove from my wheel. That singular change removed the shapes from many items that drop on the map, uniques, alva temple keys, metamorph samples, even the seeds from this league all look as bland as a portal scroll.

So I went back into the filter, took the change out, reloaded it as it previously was and it's still broken. So it would seem currently updating and loading in custom filters may be broken.

The older filter that I have still does work, so if someone has an old one saved they likely wouldn't notice until they made their next change. Both filters are showing (Last Valid Version: 3.11.1d)

You're more than welcome to look at my filter that's not working, its on public, called 'Good Stuff Only' created with and it indicates my filter is valid.
Last bumped on Aug 16, 2020, 6:35:46 AM
I've been making daily changes to my filter on FilterBlade.XYZ, and it's working fine for me.

As much of a royal pain as it is, you might want to try rebuilding your filter from scratch (or from one of the NS base filters).
Unfortunately it doesn't seem I'm able to rebuild one even.

I reverted back to an older filter that I had saved on 7/12/2020. So to test, I loaded that filter, saved a duplicate version of it. Logged out and back in, with 2 identical filters I'm getting different results.

Really unsure of what I can do if that is the issue I'm facing, all changes are as if I've made none.
I was able to get the filter to work again, didn't do anything different just retried it once I noticed that my maps were remembering me once I reentered them. I think the issue between the two was paired somehow.

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