Philosophy on Future League Mechanincs - Make Them Multiplayer-Friendly

Harvest is the first league where I've tried to bring in a friend into PoE - the league launched and we got straight in. I was very disappointed to find that the league mechanic was entirely designed for solo play. No second set of seeds dropped, no second portal to access my garden and as the updates rolled out, very little has changed.

Yes, there's been a lot of other problems with this league, especially on consoles but this fundamental design choice seems somewhat baffling to me.

GGG: I imagine you'd like to grow your player base (and therefore revenue streams) on each platform? If so, then please consider designing future league mechanics to be multiplayer friendly (at the very least, to provide rewards/progression to each player). Otherwise you offer little incentive for players to invite their friends into the PoE world.

Understand this game is DEEP and as you add in more and more mechanics (which is fantastic for the variety) the game becomes less and less friendly to new players as there's more and more to learn and understand. This is fine if you provide good incentives for multiplayer-play as it allows veteran players to evangelise and bring people into the fold.

Back to harvest, my friend is initiating each new area so as to allow them to own the instance and get the 'full experience' but when it comes to Harvest content, they're mostly just ignoring it now because it effectively leaves me doing nothing whilst they do their garden content. If we each had a garden and seed drops it would be a much better experience: we could still hop into each other's garden to help with harvesting, etc. but it wouldn't leave them with the choice of either engaging with the content, leaving me twiddling my thumbs or just ignoring it and pushing on through the area.
Last bumped on Aug 10, 2020, 5:38:20 AM

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