We need updates to the little things.

Hello console exiles, GGG staff.

For the "long didn’t read?” folks. No worries.

In short, we need updates to the little things.

I think Path of exile console is in dire need of some updates and quality of life support. I have not been playing console for long really. However, I have played path of exile since abyssal league on pc. I'd love to move to console on a permanent basis but alas I get really frustrated at times with certain aspects of the game. Rage quitting is definitely a thing at the moment with myself.

Things that are making me die inside when I play.

Rubber banding.

Going back in time is fantastic in theory however in Poe it makes me want to stick my head in a blender. Warping back in time and getting squished is not a pastime I enjoy. Unfair to the player and gives no reward unless you are some sort of digital masochist.

The design of the auction house.

Oh boy, oh boy. Why can't we just have a nice auction house? I'm sure it wouldn’t take that long. Even if you gave console access with account and online auction on Poe trade would be a fantastic fix. I would love to search for the things I need. Spending an hour going though item's one at a time is mind-numbing and end up just playing with a tabula for 90 levels. I have the patience of a cat and a bag of catnip. Let me search for things.

Sell tabs, map tabs, and other little things.

The public sell tabs, map tab and other currency tabs need an overhaul. I'd like to move over to what pc has. As soon as possible. Like yesterday, last week, maybe when I started playing. I have a load of tabs. I like having tabs but I've been spoiled with pc tabs and I like them more. Oh, and don’t get me started on map tabs. I'd find a wand and zap the coder who didn’t put in the sell all for a type of currency on each map box.

One other little thing. Flasks. Why can't I bind them like skill gems? Why must I stop moving, use the d-pad and not once or twice but for a guy like me once every 5 seconds or so. That’s not a major problem just one of those face palm moments where I know you thought about it and didn’t do it for reasons unknown.

Just to wrap up. Love the game. We need some TLC on console. We need quality of life upgrades to the point where starting a Gofundme page for grinding gear games (console edition) is starting to sound like a good idea.

Why can't someone just update the little things please.

Some guy wrote this.... The End.


Update your Xbox One FAQ it feels like no one has looked in on us since Dec 7, 2017. Feels bad.
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