Canilaz' hideouts

Just links for my hideouts if someone is interested to check and want to use&enjoy any of them.
I will add more when do more. ATM got few ideas for small areas only, some i made and want to finish as something more than just 1 screen size HO, but in general i need to farm more master missions for points and imagine better than i want to do. :)
Would be nice if you can tell me what size of hideout you prefer and how simple/complicated you like your hideout to be, so i got better idea when to stop if lack ideas for whole area of hideout.
BTW feel free to rework any of my hideouts and if wanna show some respect, adding a note with my name is enough for me. :)
Please excuse me for not uploading pics here in forum, but for me its a mess to do that.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
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