Ancestral Cry

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Last bumped on Aug 22, 2020, 2:21:58 PM
Honestly it's a bit awkward. For some skills I only use ancestral call, then switch for multistrike for single target. With ancestral cry i thought i wouldn't need to alternate in between and just keep multistrike, but they're exerted attacks not supporting repeats unfortunately. There's aren't red gems that's gonna help my clear a bit more on molten strike. Multistrike is the best dmg choice so it'd be silly to go for another just so that I can make use of Ancestral cry and not have to switch for bossing.

I guess for skills like double strike and so on, instead of needing both melee splash and ancestral call they'd only need melee splash, but meh, I don't think ancestral cry does the job so far as I'd rather either not use a skill that also requires melee splash or not use an inferior melee support because Ancestral Cry doesn't allow repeats.
could be smoother and better
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