Arcane Cloak

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Last bumped on Oct 10, 2020, 12:46:24 PM
Atziris_Wife, Level 100 Burning Arrow Scion, Heist Softcore.

It would be good if you could improve visual effects of the skill.
When I run maps, in all that mess, sometimes it's hard to tell if my Arcane Cloak is up, and I have to pull a lot of my attention, in a heat of fight, to my character, watching closely if it already was depleted by damage or it's not up because I didn't pressed button properly.

The thing is that visual effects of Arcane Cloak in some ways look like another existing effects.
First is blue glimmering. I always use Quartz flask, which also gives the character very similar blue glimmering effect. I'm not saying they're identical, but it's hard to tell when not focused on it.
Next is shining blue trails/stripes, floating around character. There is two effects, that sometimes confusing me. it's Stibnite flask's trails, that looks almost similar, but have grey sand color. Monolith aura effect is also have purple floating trails around character.
All these three effects combined sometimes make it really hard to tell if my Arcane Cloak is up with only a brief look.

I also have a thought that it could be very useful to temporary applying Guard Skills hit points over Life Globe, like Energy shield does. When we play, knowing our current amount of HP is crucial, that's why we have easy noticable Big Red Globe before our eyes. It would be useful to see Guard Skills HP the same way.

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