Price check please

Rarity: Rare
Soul Curtain
Triumphant Lamellar
Quality: +20% (augmented)
Armour: 545 (augmented)
Evasion Rating: 691 (augmented)
Level: 69
Str: 95
Dex: 116
Sockets: G B-R-R-R R
Item Level: 85
11% increased Strength
(+74 to Armour)
(+99 to Evasion Rating)
10% increased maximum Life
+42% to Fire Resistance
+42% to Cold Resistance
Elder Item

i will asap remove defence per harvest craft and add life

maybe its somehow possible to lock defences or whatever with crafting bench and then exalt it in the hope of getting +1 support gems

i want to use it for my chieftain totem build

but i am afraid loreweave is still better than this one so i want a pc to help me decide if its a keeper or not

thx in advance

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its not worth anything.

in harvest, the lower bar for good items is insanely high.

your chest isnt 6linked (not even 5linked), and it isnt on a good base.

it's elder, with nothing very special about it.

adding resists is insanely simple with 'augments'. adding life is also fairly easy. the only mod you cant simply augment is %Str.

a chest with %Str and %life is worth 10c right now.

You can buy a 6link, Elder, Astral plate for 2ex right now.
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ok thx for help

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