Question to Drox

Maxtrux wrote:
Make sure to move him to a place where he is affected by only 1-2 banners. That way you have a lot more time to dps him before he replaces them compared to fighting him in the middle with 4.

If I may have a word, making him fight where he has only 1-2 banner active is a good-ish advice. Mostly because the only areas where he is influenced by 1-2 banners are the gates of his X-shaped arena, which means 2 things:

- You only have to destroy 1-2 banner rather than 1-4, depending on how bad you positioned Drox before facetanking him - if you are facetanking him
- WAY more important, you coax him to trigger the "BY MY AUTHORITY" attack, which summons a corridor of pebbles that deal full physical damage on the interested "cross" arm where the fight is on. By being right at the edge of the arm, you can easily kite the whole damage of this attack and you buy 2-3 seconds of time in which he is not slamming the gosh-darned Banners. This is useful for most of the builds that do not facetank him

If people's dps is so low that banners are an issue, then they can forget about Sirus, unless they want a 30 minute fight and get lucky enough to dodge everything he throws at you.
This league I've been killing him center with my Vortex Occultist - not moving him at all. There are never more than 1-2 banners in range. My dps is not insane - 2.5m or so with both Vortex and CS down, so it's not like I'm insta-killing the banners.

I don't know whether they dialed back the banner spawn rate, but it's not a problem - unless maybe for super low dps. But these days I consider 2-3m as almost a requirement to enjoy the end game.

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