Phased fights

Instead of giving most casual unique/map bosses total immunity,
how about just changing it to less dmg taken for every stage?

Life - Less % dmg taken

100% - 0
75% - 30
50% - 60
25% - 90

This way we could still do something to them, and even kill them if we got enough dmg, that's how it should be.
This is a spamming arpg slasher, not a 3D cut scene movie.
It's getting really tired and boring playing so many alts and even without them, the same map bosses or end tier bosses with their insane long stupid dialogue and wait time.

Just let us smash shit faster.
At least just LET US.
Remove immunity phases.
They are such a forced piece of speed bump garbage.

"Players can now smack around players who are having trouble very early on."
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 9:48:41 AM
You don't even need to give them a damage reduction, all you need to do is remove phases. They were introduced as a way to limit players from using flasks the entire fight as if that needed doing. Unfortunately GGG cares more about making the game hard and unfair than actually making it fun.
"The heavens burned
The stars cried out
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I absolutely hate phases.

But GGG sees PoE probably as Dark Souls game.

I'd much rather the booss delete me in a second(which happens already :D) or I delete him/her in a second(s). No weird animations, dances, phases or f*cking around needed. Just go in and explode (or get exploded).

I also guess this perfectly aligns with their philosophy "We want the game to be slower"...

It feels like GGG is constantly prolonging the game but in very ugly areas which makes you actually question their decisions instead of being happy.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
Last edited by y3lw0rC on Aug 13, 2020, 5:31:49 AM
The problem is that GGG doesn't even seems to understand what set them apart from all the other ARPGs and made them successful in the first place.

Essencially there are 3 parts to PoE that made it what is is.

The first started somewhere between ascencion and delve. When you could use low budget gear to do most content. All but the hardest was possible to do in budget gear. This was good because the epople who wanted a challenge could farm better gear and do that and the people who aren't as good at the game or don't have enough time still could do most of the content and have fun messing with 2 or 3 builds before they quit about 1 month to 2 week before the next league (instead of 2 weeks to 1 month from the begining of the league as it has been for a couple years now).

The second is build variety. And yes, GGG keeps adding more variety with new gems and uniques and killing some of the variety with nerfs. But it's the gem system that allows for a very rich customisation of how you tackle things.

The third and it's about as important as the first is that maps are filled to the brim with monsters and you abillities kill them by thr droves. It's incredibly satisfying to go around instantly crushing hundreds and hundreds of enemies with single casts of an abillity and then getting to a boss, tell him he's a bitch and then delete him in less than 1 second flat.

No other ARPG offers this last point whih is the main selling point of PoE, however for that main point to actually sell, the first point, being able to actually crush most things with a low budget is of vital importance since most people just don't have enough time grind up the gear that PoE now requires to be played. On top of that not every can get good and when I say good I mean the top 10% of the players good. Everyone will hit their skill limit at some point, the idea that you can always get better is dumb, you can only get so much better at anything... As for the build variety. It would be nice if GGG stopped nerfing things just because they think that they are too powerful. Sure enough I agree trying to maintain builds around a certain level, but then use the same level of power as a balance. If a build can have 1 billion DPS and isn't getting nerfed, then surelly it should be fine for all builds to be able to reach that point too (for those who didn't understood what I just said, I'm not saying all builds should have 1 billion DPS, I said that all builds should be able to be as strong as the top builds).
"The heavens burned
The stars cried out
And under the ashes of infinity
Hope, scarred and bleeding breathed it's last."

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