To hell with your bosses

Navandis Arc witch, 97L fully geared, ~1.3m dps.

Failed 6 times to kill sirus a8 during last phase.
Failed 4 times to kill shaper during zana shield phase.

Can't see shit. SHIT.

I run the game on low graphics to prevent as much as possible the stutters and freezes that happen constantly because you cant optimize shit.

And dont even get me started on "60 ping in ho and 200 in the boss fight cause reasons bs"

On sirus i am almost constantly on downscaled graphics and when he teleports out on his last phase i cant see where he goes. EVER.
Only by luck i can find him and dps him for 1sec.
Double spinning lasers, offscreen shooting, die beams that you cant avoid if you dont know where they come from.

On shaper i keep dying inside zanas shield because i literally cannot see the balls that i am supposed to avoid come towards me and i just realize i am standing on one of them already at half hp and then shaper casts the beam. 6 deaths at this exact spot every single time because i cant see shit.

In both cases i know the mechanics by heart and i die only in those 2 situations cause i cant see shit.

As a 2 month old player, the last 2 weeks have been a fucking torture playing the game.
Well, no more.
Refunding and uninstalling because i am not taking this bullshit anymore.
A boss can be hard without retarded artificial difficulty.

Have a shitty day.
Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 3:49:22 PM
bye have a great time
refunding a f2p game right. Just uninstall.
Maybe get a better computer that is actually capable of running the game and maybe faster internet too.
"An it harm none, do what you will"
Ouzo11 wrote:

Refunding and uninstalling

What exactly are you refunding?

Also you say you know the mechanics by heart, It's clear you either don't know them or refuse to engage with them.
Ouzo11 wrote:

a 2 month old player

That is your issue it seems, other than the fact that your PC can't run the game.
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Gulch wrote:
Ouzo11 wrote:

Refunding and uninstalling

What exactly are you refunding?

The RMT that allowed him to make it to lv97 in two months.
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First of all, there is no rmt involved.If you cant make money thats on you, not on everyone who reached high levels.

You can make a shitload of money selling crafts on discord. Running 20 maps per day make you 1 to 3ex if you sell the crafts and if you vaal targeted stuff you can make 20ex profit spending less than 1ex.

You can be the usual white knight fanboys as much as you want but that does not change the fact that some important bosses are shit.

With refund i meant the 20 i threw in the game for the stash tabs. It was not so hard to imagine the proper meaning.

The game freezes on monolith encounters, sometimes to the point where i loose 7-8sec of the timer before it unfreezes.

The delirium mist kills my fps.

Sound channels affect fps. FFS can you even realize how stupid and bad this is? lOwEr tHe SoUnD cHanNeLs To GeT bEtTeR fPs

i5 4690 with 16gb ram and an gtx 660 and this level of stutters and freezes i have only seen in poe. In Black Desert online, which is a game way more resource hungry than poe, i was running at stable 90fps in non demanding scenarios and 60fps stable during mass pvps.
Every other game run stable at 60fps with medium graphics and lowered shaddows.
But poe? Nah. It apparently needs more resources.

And now to the juice of the matter.
On bosses everything is in same fucking color palette.
The fights are not hard. Are a fucking vision check.
And i cant see shit. I cant see the balls coming to zanas shield and i cant see sirus teleporting away.

I am not willing to be driven to specific builds that i dont even like to be able to complete bosses that should be doable by every proper build and i am not willing to play a game that chooses to fuck my progress because it lacks both optimization and proper graphics settings. Brightness, contrast, bloom on off, others effects on off and a shit tone more. 2 weeks without progress. Fuck that.

So keep being the usual fanboys and defending a badly designed system but i am out.
Ouzo11 wrote:
i5 4690 with 16gb ram and an gtx 660

Dude, get computer from this decade at least.
Still wont get this "refund" and a GTX 660.....

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