Izaro crash

Xbox texas server
I get to the final phase of the eternal lab (? The final one but not whatever the new one that was introduced in harvest) the set up is the hot iron floor trap, twice in a row I've gotten here and mid fight it crashes me to the xbox home. I use tectonic slam and flame dash, I dont have any lag issues otherwise.
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 6:52:55 PM
Same issue on PS4, lab in general is pretty desyncy not sure if its the traps or all the zone loading from area to area but it seems to be about a 1/3 of them crash at some point.

I used to run lab daily 3+ times and that was the rough ratio I came up with. A lot of them were at Izaro's last phase (traps), some were within the rooms though(traps). Once I crashed at the last Izaro, loaded in with a fresh token and desynced again in the first room.

I think that was when I decided to just stockpile tokens and wait until Argus is first room again and go for my 100 kills. Really glad it's Argus and not Izaro due to the state of lab tho.

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