JUGG Molten strike build question

I'm following a build for ms jugg but realized it was optimized for a previous season. With the changes to wildfire jewel should i run chain support on my ms now?

Also any tips for a 3.11 ms jugg build would be great appreciated 👍
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 10:57:34 AM
Easiest solution would be to just drop the wildfire jewel all together. Yes that's -2 projectiles but you can still scale the number of projectiles through other means.

As to how to use the new wildfire jewel, i am honestly not sure if anyone has worked on this to figure out how to use it the most efficient way. MS has been nerfed half a dozen times over the last few weeks and most people consider it a dead skill at this point. In theory you could use it with slower projectiles and chain support. Slower projectiles reduces the travel speed reducing the spread of the projectiles and increasing single target. For bosses you could add concentrated effect on top to reduce the spread even further. Maybe GMP is also worth it, i honestly don't know.
Molten Strike works just like any skill in modern POE:

- you use Explody chest for clear
- your skill is mainly used to trigger the Explody chest AND for single target

sad to see it degenerated into this but truth is truth. get yourself an Explody chest, scale the damage so that 3% turns into something more meaningful (8%? 10%?) youll immediatelly notice when you reach the threshold for chain explosion

spec MS into single target only, ditch the jewel it is worthless in comparison to Explody chest

FastAF did (overgeared etc but still) nice demo of this approach.

ps. Explody chest is soooo stupid. but it is in the game and designers expect you to use it - so go for it.

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