[PS4] Sacred Garden Pylons Bug

Searched PC and Console forums, saw nothing like this. If there IS another thread about this problem, please post the link in this one and/or move/delete this thread.

1) I'm new to this game and games from this company. New account, new character...everything's new. This bug happened 12 August 2020 at ~21:00 Central Daylight Time.

2) I only know the problem exists on PS4. Maybe someone else has had it on PC, XBox, or some other platform. If so, links would be appreciated.

3) The correct given bug reference number is 172923424. The first reference number is 4162266860, but since I thought there was an in-game bug report menu like in other games, I only typed "/bug" in the chat the first time. Both numbers are in the attached screenshot.

The URL for the image (couldn't find a way to post the image directly) is:

Here's the problem:

Issue #1: sparse information helped cause this problem.

After completing the first Harvest and getting 10 pylons and the Storage Tank. The game tells me to simply "use the pylons to connect the Storage Tank to the Collector."

Issue #2: pylons don't have a range limit marker around them to tell players how far away they can be placed from the Collectors.

Thinking that the Storage Tank was part of a new Collector (my fault), I moved a fair distance away from the Collector and placed the first pylon. The pylon set up, and nothing else happened.

Issue #3: They also don't stop players from just plunking down useless pylons. More on this below.

Issue #4: pylons should auto-link to Tanks and Collectors when they're in range.

Next, I moved another fair distance and placed the Storage Tank. The tank set up and again, nothing else happened.

Issue #5: tell the player they're doing it wrong if you want things done a certain way. PLEASE.

I now had Tank and Pylon placed, and could not determine what was wrong. My only clue something was wrong was the fact that the "Lifeforce Storage: Use a Pylon to connect your Storage Tank to a Collector" message was still onscreen.

Issue #6: I can't interact with pylons, move them, destroy them, pick them up, or anything. They're just poles with little icons atop them, doing nothing.

Thinking that I needed more pylons to make things link up, I placed more...and more...and more. 8 pylons later--all of them one next to the other in a straight line between Tank and Collector, still nothing. So I search for answers and find out that you're supposed to somehow interact with the pylons and link them up.

Those are all the issues I found with this situation. It's long-winded, but that's for detail so some enterprising folks can reproduce it.

For now, I'm stuck. The Collector's Craft option is missing, the Tank won't work, the Pylons don't work, and I'm down to 1 pylon after trying again. I'm NOT going to waste my last pylon! Thus, here's a bug report for you fine developers, and a warning to the community at large: "BE CAREFUL SETTING YOUR PYLONS!"

Also can anyone help me solve this?
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 4:00:33 AM
Update: I found a fix. It was already there. Yes, I know, I look silly.

Clicking L3 re-enabled "Harvest Interactions" after closing and restarting the game. This allowed all the pylons and the Tank to be removed and re-positioned properly.

If only this had worked the first time. Guess THAT'S the real bug.

Thanks for the game!

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