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slooker wrote:
I just bought this amulet and used an annul on it. The annul apparently removed one of the crafted mods (expected), and then removed the quality (20%).


This happened around 10:30pm EST on 2020-08-12.

This was when I accepted the trade:

2020/08/12 22:42:12 632526218 b60 [INFO Client 57160] : Trade accepted.

Thanks for your report, this is intended.

Orb of Annulments will remove 20% Catalyst Quality when used on an item, this is displayed on the Orb.

Currency which removes Catalyst Quality:
- Orb of Annulment (20%)
- Exalted Orb (20%)
- Orb of Augmentation (2%)
- Regal Orb (5%)
- All Conqueror Exalted Orbs (20%)
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