Heartsease's one-shot showcase

To archive notable one-shots, not from significant sources like Izaro and the Shaper etc

Genuine one-shot from Legion elite

This one hurls a single spear from away and can one-shot my Scion with 4300 life and 1200 mana with MoM. I got startled in my first death since there were many Legion mobs at scene and I could not identify the damage source. The second time I entered and cleared all other mobs except this one, and...

Happened in Delirium League.

Pseudo one-shot from Metamorph

This nasty metamorph had killed my Champion 3 times with 5200 life and 24% less damage taken from hits before I dared to get close to it again and take a snapshot :) You can see my golem was next to death the moment it tried to contact this metamorph. Map mode has monster speed and 100% physical added as lightning. Getting close to it = death within 1s with 3+ successive hits. Getting away from it = merely could scratch it(with my skills) since it had life regen and a bunch of es. This Vaal Pyramid map has double bosses and I had expected it to be lethal, however I had lost all portals to this monstrosity before I even could have a try on the final bosses :(

When Izaro was down and...

A stray brand hit this unholy thing :(
Two-handed - Mop
Dual Wield - Slippers
One-handed & Shield (close combat) - Brush & Basin
One-handed & Shield (ranged) - Hair Dryer & Mirror
Main-hand & Off-hand (evil witch) - Sponge & Soap
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