What is the goal / tactic for Atlas progress?

I didn't play for a few leagues and now there is a whole new Atlas.
And my question is: what is my goal to progress in this new Atlas?

I do get the basics, I have killed 8 conquerers so far.
But in the old Atlas, I had a simple goal: get a full Atlas clear.
And that was easy: play T1 maps untill you have all the T2 maps, then play T2 maps untill you have all the T3 maps, etc, etc.

But this new Atlas has me very confused.
Not all T2 maps are connected to T1 maps for example.
So... do I still try to get a full clear?
Or do I just rush conquerers?
Or something else?
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 7:10:13 AM
The built in goals are 32 stones with full bonus and full awakening bonus. Most people focus on the stones, because the other two tend to happen along the way.

If you want more on atlas strategies, there are a lot of videos. Something from the current league will be most up to date, but 3.10 won't be bad. Anything from 3.9 (Dec-Feb) will be out of date.

If you have specific questions after watching a couple of videos, you can certainly get answers here.

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