Why is Sirus Chaos resistant???

I mean... Just TRY to beat Sirus A8 with caustic arrow! I got this amazing lv95 caustic arrow character, but Sirus is just a bad joke with it!
I don't feel like building a character JUST for 1 boss, i guess i'll just sell the fight, like so many people who face this absurdity! It's a bit of a circus to see everyone play ice just because it makes this boss ... doable!
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Pretty much everything has chaos resistance.
Curse and wither helps.
All bosses and certain mobs have pretty high resistances, chaos included. Endgame bosses also got ridiculously high HP pools. Because power creep and all.

Your problem is playing a DoT build, and all of these perform terribly vs high tier/endgame bosses, especially phased ones as is Sirius.

Fully decked CA build experience troubles even with bosses in high red maps, Sirius aside. It's just a poor boss killer. Back it up with ED, wither and whatnot, doesn't matter. Skill is limited in performance.
While Sirius is about dishing out fuckload of damage in the narrow windows between phases. CA just can't, it's limited to (mediocre) ticks per second.
So, the skill itself is you problem. Mostly. Power creep and Sirius fight design aside.
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I got absolutely zero problems with Sirus or any other endgame boss with my TR/CA Trickster.

For the endgame bosses i pretty much use only TR because the damage of the Sporepods stacks, the CA-groundeffect doesnt if u hit multiple times. So i use CA (via Weaponswap) only on stationary bosses once per phase.

Looking at your Char, nearly every piece of gear can be uprgaded pretty easily.
On top u are using 3 curses and every engame-boss got heaviliy reduced curseeffectivness.

But the most damage u are loosing by not using multiple wither totems, Withering Step is good at the start of each phase but the wither totems are way better the longer the fight takes. Thats why i use both.
Try Toxic Rain. I find it superior overall, including at killing bosses.
Yah wither totems rule. Wither is applied in stacks, so the measly 6% chaos exposure you get from one application becomes more meaningful as shit stacks.

Also, you light up sirus and clones with bright purple marker when you use them, making it easier to observe differences between the clones and the real Sirus and target accordingly.

If you've ever played a budget chaos character, you already know the immeasurable value of wither totem ahead of you as you creep through a map with shitty light levels. Paints all the shit purple so you can triage, etc.
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You can use Toxic Rain as the main skill and use Maloney's Mechanism to trigger Caustic Arrow(and use Asenath's Chant to trigger Essence Drain etc).
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Woah, thank you all for the replies!
I obviously posted this in a moment of frustration but i learn plenty of potential improvements i can make to the build thanks to your advices, so, thank you!

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