Some affixes should be drop-only

Just like Incursion drops and Warband, some affixes should be drop-only on different magic and rare items, which means they could not be rolled or crafted using any other mechanisms. This would help prevent dropped magic and rares from being useless like in most situations today.

They can come from specific bosses(like the wolf king drops "spectral wolf on kill" items), or from specific type of monsters(like armoured beasts drop items with highest armour modifiers) or from specific scenes(like the previous synthesis league). They can drop both identified and unidentified.
Two-handed - Mop
Dual Wield - Slippers
One-handed & Shield (close combat) - Brush & Basin
One-handed & Shield (ranged) - Hair Dryer & Mirror
Main-hand & Off-hand (evil witch) - Sponge & Soap
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 9:37:12 AM

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