Harvest must go core in some fashion. Here's a suggestion.

Crafting finally felt something less than hopeless. Of course they're going to take it away from us. Sigh.

People will be very pissed off if this useful and edifying crafting mechanic just vanishes. GGG has to do something to mitigate that. Here's a posible solution. I don't know what the backend or implementation of this would look like, just putting it out there.

Targeted currencies (Oshabi-influenced alch/chaos/divine/annul/exalt) may be the way to go. Perhaps these could be dropped from set-piece Harvest encounters that function sort of like Vaal side areas do now, and these areas may be spawned on demand by players by using map device, scarab, or fragment. These currencies and fragments may then be searched for and traded in the ordinary PoE trade system.

Also, if something like this is done, update existing stash tabs to accommodate the new currency items. There is plenty of empty space available for doing so. DO NOT ask players to buy any more league-specific tabs. That was ridiculous.

Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 1:28:56 AM
I think the problem is more fundamental than just needing better crafting, so just stacking harvest crafts on top of essence, fossils, bestiary and the crafting bench would just either replace the other deterministic crafts (if too strong) or become too scarce without trading (in which case, may as well buy the item you want instead of crafting mats).

The whole item acquisition system has become massively bloated over the years with increasingly more items/mods/crafts thrown in with the affect of just causing more need to filter/sort/learn an increasingly dilute pool of resource (and external databases).

I agree the game does need more deterministic ways of acquiring gear/currency, but it needs to be done in a way that consolidates or integrates better the layers of present content. Definitely not in a way that requires more paid tabs, GGG is already dangerously near abandoning 'good faith' free-to-play.

I have no idea how this can be functionally done, its so much of a mess right now.
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I agree that targeted crafting needs to come back soon. Whether that is with new orbs or new beasts or even prophecies which you can find ("The next affix you augment or exalt on an item will be a fire affix" or so) doesn't matter. Let's call them seeds.

If GGG is worried about seed crafting being too powerful, they could limit the types of affix you can target craft onto items. Examples:
- Seeds can only give affixes up to T2, not T1
- Super powerful affixes such as "explody" or "tailwind" can only be seed crafted onto items which have no such affix yet. So affixes which you could previously only find on uniques (which had balancing downsides) can't be concentrated into ridicoulously power creepy items.

In both cases the old gambling system has the potentail to make better items, at the cost of more randomness.
Gambling could also be improved by limiting the new affixes at the bottom end: High iLvl items won't ever get TXX-T8 affixes if you gamble instead of seed craft.
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