Game crashes right after start


after i start the game i see that Gear, and the game crashes after that.
after 2 or 3 resets of my pc i can play it after that i dont have any problems.

Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 4:02:33 AM
same problem here, i can only log in the Moskow server :(
I can't login at all.
Since yesterday when the game crashed randomly I installed the game 3 times, tried numerous launch options and tweaked the production_config.ini to connect with other servers than Frankfurt.
Also looked in the logs, but nothing useful was in there. Not even something about the game having crashed.

Early this morning I could start the game properly (more or less), but server had switched to Milan and language to German. I didn't dare to swap either back and went to bed, expecting it work today.
It doesn't.

If anyone comes up with further ideas or a solution, would be nice.

@Update 10am (UTC+1) 2020/08/14:
--nosound worked as a launch option so I could start the game. No idea what changed or why it would work, but it did. Will investigate further cause playing completely without sound SUCKS!

Further Update 10:20am:
In game on Sound config page in red is written:
Failed to initialise sound driver.

Still no idea why, but I guess this confirms it is sound-related.
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