[Harvest SC] FREE bossing services, loot is yours!

Hey all,

I enjoy helping people so I'm offering FREE bossing killing to anyone who needs it.


Uber Lab (Just because I'm lazy.)

I CAN do:

Uber Atziri/Atziri
Bestiary Boss
Mastermind boss
Map Bosses
Breach Bosses
Uber Elder
Oshabi (Without reflect/no leech/regen mods, try to run this in a non-rippy map if you can!)

The drops are yours to keep 100%. If you would like to tip me, you're welcome to but it's certainly not required.

I ask that the gateway be set to Texas or Washington DC if you ask me for help, especially for Uber Elder!

PM me in game @Doctor!

Vouch for me below if I helped you as well if you could!
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Last bumped on Aug 26, 2020, 9:52:52 AM
Extremely fast, nice and reliable!

Thank you!
Best and friendliest carry ever!
Cleared my Uber Atziri in a matter of seconds!
Have a good one m8!
He's super fast and friendly. Did Shaper's no hit challenge :3

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