bug? Skills dealing no damage Bug reference #: 729,643,143

Hi, i'm not sure why but this build that i put together literally does no damage.. all of my skills that i have set up deal no damage except for my spell totem..
here is the video link: https://youtu.be/fSBhrl_VyoM
here is the pob link in case you're wondering: https://pastebin.com/7epuqALb

I'm not sure what is negating my damage.. I tried taking off one gear at a time to see if one of the uniques is causing the bug and did not come to a solution. Can you guys fix this please? I would really like to use this as my starter for the next league but it seems like i cant if its bugged like this..

Bug reference #: 729,643,143
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If you want to do damage besides from your totem, unallocate the node that says you don’t do damage yourself.
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Ah yes, the old noob trap.

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= error 40 is not a bug. :=)
ohhhhhh im dumb hahahaha thanks xD

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