Visual issues

Hi, I am playing on PS4 wired connection and I seem to get permanent visual issues, 1st character was tecto slam, where all mi fissures were green blocks instead of ''lava'' with any mobs being completely invisible,during the league this seemed to get fixed, but has come back now. as annoying as that is I can handle it, but I have now twice in a row failed to kill Veritania as her whole ''storm'' is invisible, just suddenly I just start dying and no idea where to go, this seems to have started with the last update as I have managed to beat her many times before in the league...

We all know about the PS4 issues with lag and blue screens I really love this game and keep getting my friends to join me but I am getting over it now I have done reinstalls ect and non of this has made a difference.

What is the actual issues regarding the PS4?

Please let me know how I can try to fix missing textures as I kinda need these to play the game.

Thank you
Last bumped on Aug 13, 2020, 4:27:50 PM

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