opened portal using gem, then entered grove and immediately died

If something 1 shot me then sure, but I certainly didn't see it.

----Edited for more detail------

As title says. Exact sequence of events:

I was in a mesa T14 map.

Doing my thing, clearing the map. Found the seed cache and activated it.

Cleared (what I think was) everything around the cache within a screen or so.

Used portal gem to make a portal nearby, close to on top of grove portal. (Should've probably grabbed a screenshot of the position, whoops)

Clicked on grove portal as soon as I could.


The screenshot I did get is not super helpful but shows I died before I entered the portal I believe.

Ran several more Mesa maps, attempted to recreate issue with no success.

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Read the How to sticky. It tells you exactly how to add a screen shot to your post.
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Put in all the info I had, minus log files which I could hunt down if needed.
Well, you have ES so it looks like either chaos damage or something that bypassed ES. Are you using A Glorious Vanity timeless jewel (Divine Flesh allocated) or something else that would make damage bypass ES? Was thinking maybe your blood rage killed you but would only happen that way if it bypassed ES.
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Correct, I have Divine Flesh with capped chaos and ele res (minus the map mod) but I'm pretty sure I was full health when I was in the map (can't be confirmed from my side really but I do want to give myself the benefit of the doubt that I wouldn't let myself drop to the point where blood rage killed me).

Blood rage is possible but for the same reason above I'd be surprised. Standing still with blood rage on never does noticeable damage to me. The only thing I can think of is a volatile flameblood that I just randomly didn't see. But those don't usually kill me either.

Is there a way to know from log files what killed me?
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Nope. They currently don’t give the player a log entry telling what killed you.

Note the map has -12 resists so you’d be taking almost double the damage that you normally would (from elemental and chaos at least....not sure how you mitigate physical) . If you also happened to have a curse on you at the time could have been even more.
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