My idea on how to integrate Harvest crafting with NO garden

First I hate the garden potion of the league. I would go back to the beginning and smack Adam and Eve because they're in a garden; I can never listen to 'Woodstock' by CSNY because of this lyric "We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,And we got to get ourselves back to the garden." I got arrested for stomping the flowers in my neighbors garden.

As much as i hate the garden, having targeted crafting is a good thing. I've been playing a self imposed SSF for eight years so i have to find or craft my own gear. I would love to see some form of targeted crafting so I and other players can make stuff that kills better. This is my idea on how targeted crafting can be implemented and at least people who have a bunch of seeds now can at use them. All of that other crap needs to go away forever IMO. All they did is make things complicated. For the first time in eight years of playing I had to watch a video to try to understand a game mechanic. A developer should want to people to play their game, not trying to figure out the best garden layout. This is supposed to an ARPG. i applaud GGG for trying new things, but this league was just NO.

1. The seed cache stays
2. Seeds can drop from any mob now.
3. When you run into Oshabi in a zone she has a device like Tanes.
4. When you click on the device there is a button that opens the seed cache
5. You can pick what seeds you want to use and place them in the device. There are slots for The different tier seeds, more slots for t1 than t4.
6. You place the seeds and the device, activate it and the monsters spawn in the zone. They don't spawn right next to the because most of you would just one-shot them. Now run the zone and kill the monsters.
7. Killing the monsters add life force to the seeds. After you kill all the monsters, Oshabi reappears and you take the seeds and put them back in the seed cache.
8. In order to grow the seeds they have to be run for the number of cycles it takes to grow them. I think t1 seeds are 3 cycles so you'd have to run into Oshabi three times before you have a usable seed.
9. Once you get a usable seed to go to hideout and there is a new type of horticulture device.
10. Put the grown seeds in the device and "activate" them. Now you have a mod you can use for a limited number of times.The mod is random just like crafting in the garden.
11. If you don't like the mods given you can sacrifice the seed for lifeforce that's stored in the horticulture device.
12. The lifeforce is used to save mods permanently to the device. It can't be used to grow seeds in the device. They can only be grown by killing mobs.

GGG wants to nerf the crafting so there are things they can consider. They can limit the number of seeds that can run per zone. They can make the lifeforce required to save a mod really high. They can reduce the mods that are available. They can still require t1 seeds be in the device in the zone to grow t2 seeds, etc. Whatever they do if they decide to bring it to core, the garden has to burn. No planting of any type No pylons, dispersers all that crap is gone. The goal should be simple so a person from day one can use it. There is no way crafting should involve downloading layouts or micro-mangement on the scale that it was. Some might say it only took an hour to setup the garden, but this is a question for you speed runners: How many maps can you run in a hour? I would much rather be out in the zone killing, dying, looting. Feel free to disagree, agree, critique, etc. The goal is to make the game better for everyone, and people really want some form of targeted crafting. Excuse me now, I have to go break the windows at the local florist because the ysell flowers and flowers are grown in a....well you know.
Arguing on the Internet: What's the point when you can't punch them in the face when they really piss you off?
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Arguing on the Internet: What's the point when you can't punch them in the face when they really piss you off?

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