If I craft "increased evasion percent" on my pure armor helmet...

Does it do nothing, or increase global evasion???
Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 7:40:19 AM
it does nothing
lol, Damn. I guess that's to be expected. Randomly having ~70% increased global just cuz of that would be too strong.

(He said in a game where players get 1-shot all day.)
I blame the text for that mod, since it's ambiguous. What the Benchcraft mod (and the otherwise slammable modifier) will actually do is increasing the local value of that defence, if the item has any.

In other words, if you craft +50% Armour, Eva and ES on a 100 Armour gloves, you will end with a 150 armour gloves, and nothing else. If you, however, Essencecraft a defence on that gloves that won't otherwise yield by chaos/ex slamming (for example, +30 ES from an Essence of Woe on the aforementioned Gloves), the modifier will boost the extra defence (for example, you will end with a 150 Armour/ 45 ES Gloves)

When a defence modifier gives you an all-around boost, it will clearly states "global" in the mod's text (like it does on Skin of the Lords and Starkonja's Heads)

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