Beacon of Ruin and shocks (im sure this has been asked before...)

I am thoroughly confused about this...

When I take Beacon of Ruin, does this mean that (under the right conflux) any of my damage will inflict a shock? Or do I still need to cross the initial threshold and then it bumps up the shock amount?

Right now I'm playing a minion build using cyclone as a CWC source. I do basically no damage with cyclone, and no crit. Is Beacon of Ruin a useless node then since I would never meet the threshold to apply a minimum shock?

Really appreciate the help!
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The wiki page answers your questions:
but it doesn't...thats the primary issue.

If the wiki were accurate, there would be no difference between the description of chill vs shock since they follow the same formula. And yet the wiki says chill only needs 1 damage, but shock needs 1 CRIT damage.

That is what's making this so confusing, i fully understand that BoR takes any shock hit that would be lower than 15%, and raises it to 15%. However the wiki does not clearly say whether this means that ANY lightning damage will cause a minimum shock.
A hit of damage that has a X% chance to shock is capable of inflicting shock. Critical strikes always inflict shock regardless of their chance to shock.

A hit of cold damage will attempt to inflict chill. This will occur regardless of whether or not the hit critically strikes.

they are NOT the same formula.

and because of how the first line is worded, NOT 'any' lightning damage will shock.
it either has to crit, or roll success on the %chance to shock. the magnitude of the shock is based on damage dealt vs monster hp ratio. BoR gives you a 15% floor for your magnitude.
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so as far as I can tell: chills are easier cuz they aren't connected to crits.

But when it comes to shock, if you aren't critting then you still need to get to the .4% threshold to apply the initial shock for Beacon to then take effect and raise that shock value to 15%

Meaning in my case, it is useless...

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