Game keeps crashing without any errors.


Anyone having similar issues? Mine just started today, game just randomly crashes with no errors, starting to get really annoying while leveling a new character when the game crashes right before a waypoint, have had zero issues lately but just in the last couple of hours it's crashed multiple times.

Thank for help.
Last bumped on Aug 15, 2020, 5:07:27 PM
Yes, also having same issues today. Normally I never have issues with any crashing either...

Edit: Now says "Disconnected, Failed to connect to instance". Every two loads or so.
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This happens to me literally every day I play.

Abnormal disconnect: Your authentication for instance transfer was invalid.

The first time I try to play each day, I get this error and sometimes it crashes the client. I have to try 2 to 4 times before I'm able to actually play. Been happening for at least a few weeks, if not a month.
i'm getting the same error i think

don't uninstall poe cause that's what i did and i'm getting the same crashes trying to reinstall it, meaning i can't even get the game installed again.
seriously fraustrating when i just spent another £40 on stash tabs as well :S

Link to my post incase that gets anywhere first:

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