Easiest solution to your toughest (apparently) issue

I'll give this first piece of guidance for free, though in the future I may be interested in consultant work (but don't quote me).

Your problem with harvest started during your design phase. You put two systems in conflict when they should have been working hand in hand. Orb crafting (complete crap from the start) and harvest crafting (still kind of lame but moderately successful) should of had a relationship. Using harvest crafting should still carry the cost of the orb its trying to replicate. Since you didn't ask me during the design phase, I won't dig into ALL the mistakes, I'll just get to your solution.

Harvest will act like any other previous league mechanic: a master in your HO, a bench to store crafts. A few chaos to force spawn in a map, or the same 10% chance for a random encounter. Pick what ever you want to "grow" the seeds (thats not really important) and use the same random sample you used for deciding which seeds drop, just have them already planted in patches. The player interacts the same way as before. The available crafts can be used on the spot if the associated orbs and life force are available, or they can be stored for later use for the cost of the life force. Excess life force is used to upgrade the bench storage in the HO or, if you want to get frisky, also stored to interact with seed plots in a future map. Stored crafts will still carry the orb cost when used. Done deal, too ez.

Orbs need to be leaving the game, and that's accomplished here. Everything keeps its relative value, the economy is still saved. The added benefit is now people will actually use them to craft rather than horde them up = player base happy again.

Like I said, this one is free. But, if you insist on compensating me, I would prefer shop points valued at the average man hour cost of all the meetings you've had so far that came up empty handed. That way if new stash tabs come out, I'll be ready, since those are the only things in the shop worth buying (I'm not into dress up and I don't care about what my ho looks like because it doesn't actually mean anything to game play).

Feel free to message me here with question or concerns. But anyways, problem solved.
Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 2:12:07 AM

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