sigh... Can Tul from a normal map breach drop Hal?

I popped a breach in my map, la de da, smooth sailing...

Then my computer froze - how fitting - and then unfroze and I was dead, with Tul running around teabagging my body.

Side note, I'll be level 90 for the rest of my life.
Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 3:35:13 AM
Aren't the stones (other than Chayula) are so darn cheap? You could just buy another and run them again.
Well I'm not looking for Hal, but totally missing a drop chance for 1 Ex profit just because my computer freezes as soon as he spawns... and waits for me to die before unfreezing...

Just a total piss-off, y'know?
Sorry I misread the title. So I have checked the Wiki and it says that it can be obtained from Tul (the boss himself) but I'm not sure if that meant his random appearances in breach encounters outside of his domain.
Yeah indeed, I'm not sure from Wiki either. I assume yes, though.
The Breachlord only drops can also drop when you face them in a map. Got an Eshs shield this way a couple of days ago, the drop chances are really low so chances are good you only missed out on a bunch of splinters.
... It's not related to Wild Tul encounters.

When you open a Breach, monsters inside there have a chance to drop Breach Rings and a (little) chance to drop Breach-exclusive uniques related to that Breach. They also have a chance to drop Splinters for that breach - chance is very little for white and blue monsters, higher with Rare monsters, while Breachlord will drop a certain amount of splinter depending on how much damage you inflict them before the Breach closes, maximum yield if you kill them right away

So, when you open a Tul's breach, every breach monster inside it will have a little chance to yield Hal, Tulborn or Snowblind Grace. Not just the Breachlord.

Things go different in Domains, where monsters inside can only drop eventually Breach ring and lose the chance to drop splinters of breach-exclusive uniques. The Breachlord inside there will also have a chance to drop their Blessing and a chance to drop a breach-exclusive unique. So, when you kill Tul, you might have a chance to get both Hal/other unique and the blessing, just the blessing, just Hal/other unique, or even nothing

I got 2 Xoph's blood in 5 years, and none of them came from Xoph himself - just VERY lucky drops inside his Breaches

So, the only thing thing you actually missed when crashing during Tul's breach is the Breachlord's splinter yield. Unfortunately, Wild Breachlords will yield their splinters only if you are in the map (even dead) when they disappear (if you did not kill them)

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