Wide Resolution is the worst thing ever as ranged. SOOO bad.

I have tried a ranger type class a few times now. Every time, for years now. It feels like such crap. I have one of those curved monitors its so wide. If i play a ranger half my skills don't work unless i stay within an invisible barrier on my screen to click. I should mention, its like 6 inches on each side of my screen... 12 inches of my screen cuck me as ranged. (yes i use the stand in place to attack thigns)

Need to flame dash away? to bad you clicked outside some invisible border and your skill simply refused to work.

Want to channel snipe? to bad you sat there for 5 seconds channeling but your mouse was outside some invisible border, so the skill just vanished into thin air.(it just cancels the attack without firing basically)

Want to right click and do your main attack? make sure your mouse is inside the invisible border or nothing will happen.


If you want to argue it gives me some sort of advantage make the fucking screen lock my god damn mouse to the edge of the screen or make it black on the sides.

I honestly don't care it feels like absolute trash and every league i get to the point where i am bored with my main (has to be melee cause everything else feels like trash) and every caster/ranged class i try to make feels like the worst pile of trash ever.

Have i told you how fucking trashy it feels for me to play a ranged class?

Edit. Made a video https://youtu.be/MAC57tThWCE
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guess i am the only one?
outside some invisible border

It's half of 16:9 screen width applied as radius around your character.

Agreed, they should completely scrap widescreen support and set the game maximum aspect ratio to 1.77
Years ago somebody at GGG stated that if you could zoom out more then you could see where projectiles disappear, but this is what actually happens when you do a resolution wider than what the game was designed with so it never made sense that this was a thing.
Also happens at the extreme top corners in 16:9. Very annoying and deadly. Really feels like attack in place should...attack in place regardless of where the cursor is.

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