Elegant's Boss Killing Service

Elegant's Boss Killing Service

3.11 Harvest

160 mil dps Impale Cyclone


4/4 Oshabi Challanges - 1ex

Can do all content besides Uber Atziri due to 2% reflect
All boss carries are free of charge, tips appreciated

https://pastebin.com/gTezjaZe PoB if anyone wants to check

@Elegant_Berserk ingame


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Last bumped on Aug 29, 2020, 12:03:44 PM
Vouching for a quick 4/4 oshabi conditional. Very smooth, definitely recommending.
+1 for Oshabi carry, very fast
Solo'd A5 sirus with a dead party of 2, absolute unit of boss killer. Many recommends!
Very fast Sirus Kill super friendly fast to respond +1 bump
Nice guy...killed my sirus 8 while i was in the room! Recommending his service!!!
fast sirus 4 kill, good responce, didn't yoink loot
Great guy, made the process very easy and was super patient with me even though I couldn't figure out how to return to get out of the map since.

Thank you for the Sirus kill.

Speedy and easy Uber Elder Carry. Thanks again!
+1 Oshabi Challenge.

Was clean and fast. Very polite. Can recommend

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