BashYOUGauntlet SC Trade league with all damage mods

If you want to test your strange and don't like to loose all your progress come and play with me.

/global 9184

If any one can make discord channal i can link it in main post. TY.

We have 54/70people.
If any one like to Join for Discord
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Last bumped on Sep 10, 2020, 8:59:05 AM

I will join you guys, thanks

using a discord or anything?
Bro, create link without autojoin please. Thanks for league btw.
should be fun
bruh you posted on my thread saying you were lookin for something like this with me then didnt tell me you were gonna start one D:
this actually sounds fun

request for invite sent

i wonder how hard my normal lazy map push strat will work with these mods haha
Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?

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