[HARVEST-SC] Hosting Chayula's Pure Breachstone Rotas

Hey guys!

I am hosting breachstone rotas with boss skipping!

Price: You just bring your own Breachstone and trade it with me. I've been doing many different ways of Rotas, but this one is fastest, the safest, and as long as I will get enough reps on the forum – it should work like a charm.

Leave your honest opinion about my service and hope we can create a safe community.

Tips and Warnings:

1) If you want to make a profit, you can! Just level up gems in the offhand while running the stones! A 6 socket weapon will do just fine!

2) If you feel squishy, stay 1 screen behind, you'll get the EXP anyways!

3) WARNING: There are a lot of people trying to scam you while you're in the lobby. They send trade requests to steal your exalt. Always check the name who you got the trade request from!

I partially copied the description of this thread from another one, as I found some of the above instructions useful.

I am not trying to scam anyone whatsoever, I just want to get to level 100 myself this league. Check my profile – I am playing PoE for many years now and I've been a founder for many leagues before. Hopefully, these facts will make you trust me at least a little bit upfront!

Many of my friends from rotas are already 100 and not too many folks are hosting those, so I decided to do that myself from now on.

Leave a comment so others can trust us too!

You can find me:

IGN: @Tricky_Litowy
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