Insanity: Hardcore Heist Private League - Starting September 25th

Insanity: Hardcore Heist Private League will be an 'all damage mods - max difficulty' small private league launching on September 25th at 8:00 PM EST. Here are the properties of the league:


> Monsters deal 20% increased damage
> Monsters have 40% more life
> Monsters have 20% increased attack, cast, and movement speed
> Monsters gain 30% of physical damage as extra fire, cold, and lightning damage
> Monsters fire 2 additional projectiles
> Life, mana, energy shield and flasks do not refill when you go to town
> Players have -40% to all resistances
> Items of magic or rare rarity will not drop, they can be crafted

> Hardcore Heist parent league
> Stash and vendors are enabled
> Group play and trading is allowed between players
> Hardcore: your character is removed from the league upon death
> Duration: 30 days


This league is for players that enjoy the thrill of a brutal and unforgiving Wraeclast. It's not intended as a competitive environment - more so a relaxed yet simultaneously mouse bashing experience.


This league's economy will be an interesting experiment. Because of monster difficulty, scarcity of resources, and a small and limited player base, there may be more bartering and auctioning between players in the pursuit of powerful items. Using trade channel 477 and global channel 477 will be encouraged.

Requirements to join

Apply and, if you meet the following condition, you will be accepted if capacity allows for it.

1. Your account shows you have any character that is level 90 or higher

This rule is in place to reserve spaces for players that are more likely to have a fighting chance against the brutal difficulty this league provides. Depending on the level of interest, I may begin to ask those that want to join to contribute 6 coins to fund their character slot.
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Wow! Compared to harvest op crafting leagues with same mods
(like points gauntlet event) that league may be very difficult ^^
Update: The league has been created. The time has been changed from 3PM EST to 8PM EST to allow those with daytime commitments to catch the beginning.

New start time: September 25, 8PM EST.

Can't wait to witness all the RIPs. See you there!

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