Sirus and the Warrior: How life flow. Cya GLHF

# On the dimming light of the last portal, the tired Warrior finds a dead man, and the bitch that tasked him to kill the entity know as "Sirus, the world destroyer".
A dizziness runs throught his head, as he looks foward,with a cloudy vision he sees massives spheres giving the place a heavy black feeling of power, and a red
of hate.

Fear was heavy on his mind, but on the core of his very essence, still remain the will to fight, against fps setbacks that make the way through wraeclast.
he step foward with a pose of a fearless Warrior, his loyal icy friend by his side.
A strange sensation and a blink after he was on a dark room. Moving in silence guided by red sparks and screams of pain, soon finding a big door, leading to the town squere.

Upon seeing the his end, a pain of many desperate attempts storm back into his eyes, but that was just a nanosecond. He was decided, bow in hand, companion on his side,
he moves foward fearless, he knew that was his end, he knew that was futile fight such a powerful being that could fire meteors, eruptions, and the most powerful attack
that no man lived to tell, something that froze the fps of the Warrior for a second, just enough.

Warrior moves fast e decided towards Sirus, knowing that is impossible to win. As he aproach Sirus, a anoying silence was tormenting Warrior, he slow his pace and stare
dead in Sirus eyes, he made no move, spoke no word, just looked back at Warrior, unease by the silence Warrior with a shiver voice he said:
- Why stare so deeply demon? i'm no match for you. Why don't you finish this once and for all?
Sirus made a gentle move with his head, he slowly descend a few meters to face Warrior closer. Why a overwhelming and peaceful but at same time loaded with the purest form of hate
he said:
- I see your pain mortal, i saw where you came from, and i know where your pain will be ceased.
Warrior give a step back waiting to be torched like a bad roasted chicken, but not for a moment leaving eye contact with him, but those words had a wheight on his mind, he had to ask:
- What you mean? you gonna kill me? leave me here to die, i can't fight any more.
Sirus got closer to Warrior, he was almost his height. Look deep inside his eyes, Warrior could feel the heat of the energy. He very calmly say:
- You got lost traveler, you never meant to stay trapped in a human form, there so much more inside of you that you forgot or just ignore.
Sirus get the hand of Warrior that slowly starts to appear iridescent purple veins. And for last he say:
- You aways hade the ability to choose. What is gonna be Warrior? will stay here, or go explore the stars as aways did? since the very existence born?

Slowly everything got quiet, his body as glowing, his memorys getting confused, but with a smile he felt once again after don't know how many life times,

The will to discover.

Sumarry: Came back to Poe after maybe 5 years away. Very thrill to play again, but i got to a point that no matter i did my fps aways was shit, did everthing. and no i don't have a shitty pc.
i did what i could and i did nothing during harvest league cuz i was learning alot... like really alot.
When i see the league was about to end, and i havent did the very basic: KILL THE FUCKING SIRUS, that i still don't know how that would affect my gameplay.
Did my best, spend about 4h doing maps, big time, kill sirus, 6 portal, bla,,portal, i looked guides, bought gear mememem.

i didn't get mad cuz i was playing the how league like "a blue pack with more than 15 monsters i had to run and attack from far away" that bad.
I just got sad, yea, i could do everthing again in 2 days, maybe 1. but for me gaming is not about being the best, the richest..
i just wan't to discover, learn and have fun.

ps:i have no f@ clue about lore, i just made all that scene when sirus gave up on me and didn't attack, didn't shit, i was tripping creating a whole fantasy in my head
stoped to write this and the game crashed..... and i said.


let's see what i'll find searching through the stars :)

ps2: i'm not american, learn inglish by myself, took about 7 year... learned playing mmos, best teacher i ever had(not really, was a pain buy fucking leather boots)
ps3: i hope you had some fun reading this like i did
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