Join the Conflux League Heist Softcore! FREE ENTRY, no mods, amazing community

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Welcome to the second season of Conflux League, a Softcore Private League running during Heist!

Conflux League is intended for players who would like to experience Path of Exile inside a small community, with no bots and a smaller economy. There are no additional mods to make the game more challenging; the only goal is to escape from the inflated, bot-ridden economy of regular leagues. If you feel like your PoE accomplishments are less meaningful when you are lost in the middle of the crowd in a regular league, this private league is for you.

To join the Conflux private league for the Heist season, request to join at the league page:

NO RULES regarding builds, classes or activity
Everyone is free to play any way they like, either party or solo, with any build or class they prefer. There are no minimum activity requirements.

We've had an amazingly successful crowdfunding campaign before Heist even started! Right now we have already funded 2 months of play time and 710 slots. Additional player slots will be crowdfunded as the demand for them appears, so contributions for that are appreciated after you join.

Due to how GGG has set up private leagues, only league members can crowdfund, after they have already become members. So if you joined, other people paid for your slots. If you are able, please return the favor by contributing towards slots for players who come after you when those crowdfunding campaigns are running.

If you joined with the intention to reserve a slot, but later decided not to participate, please leave the league. I do have the ability to remove idle players and will do so from time to time, but it helps if you are mindful of the slot you are occupying.

We maintain social and trading interactions through the league's Discord server as well as the global chat at /global 1207. The Discord server is

Players can use their premium stash tabs to list items for sale, and those will appear in the official Path of Exile Trade site by choosing Conflux League [HSC] in the league dropdown menu. The Discord and ingame chat can also be used for trading.
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happy to see this project go to heist; count me in !
bad ass, count me in
Awesome, Count me in!
How much are player slots, and can we get invited in order to make contributions? I.e. if I'm willing to pay for my own slot (and maybe a bonus slot), but I'm not a part of the league yet, could I be added, join, then pay for a slot or two?

Thanks! This is a super cool idea!
Sounds great count me in
I guess the slot price will be 6 points + base max duration 420 points league price /expected pool number (with 200 players Season 1 I assume +2 points?

I am considering this as It seems interesting, middle way between SSF and trade league, however I am little bit discouraged by the ladder. 40 people doing late game. Just how much do people really trade?
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Please let me know when launches. Would love to contribute and join as well
I'm in when it start for sure, just a question to be sure, to see the League in we need first to join the league right ?

In Harvest i tried my own little softcore ssf but we were 2 at most, so it was a fail, i hope we will have at least 30-50 ppl so it feel alive ^^'.

I will contribute for a few slots at least.
(10-20pts is pretty easy for everyone)
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I've been looking for private SC league to join. Count me in, also can help with funding(how much it costs?) if needed

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