Join the Conflux League Heist Softcore! FREE ENTRY, no mods, amazing community

Looking forward to it! Will donate some slots as well :)
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Sounds like fun! I'll also donate slots as previous people mentioned in this thread.
I´m curious, count me in !
wrong account, sorry!
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Someone said Heist? I'm gonna steal a place in the League! Count me in folks!
Looking forward to this.
I'd like to join ! will be happy to contribute
The league is live! You can check the league page and request to join here:
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Got two questions:

1. Im already in the league, how do i contribute to the league funding ?
2. is there any trade macro that supports private leagues to quickly check prices of items ?
Never tried private leagues before. I just applied to your league, if needed I can contribute to some more slots.

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