Join the Conflux League Heist Softcore! FREE ENTRY, no mods, amazing community

Really looking forward to this. I appreciate the crowd-funding as I don't make much money and have a family to support.
Hi all! Thank you very much for your interest in the league!

Unfortunately due to time limitations I can't answer all the questions in this forum post, but I concentrate all answers in the FAQs we have available in our Discord channel at

Come join us there and be a part of the community! On Discord we also have features to help your gamepley during the league such as rotation roles and trading channels.
Take me in <3
im in, lets do this
Hey hows it going with this, how many people you got? I was wondering if you were planning to do this again for the next league, cause i would be interested for next!
can we still join or is it to late or full?

i got 2 friends in there that told me to join them, so just waiting to be aproved or denied i guess.
I have just found out about this, next league I will probably be joining.

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