Hey everyone,

My Guild the Sanctum Crusaders is looking to recruit some family friendly players. We're laid back, casual, and sociable (Discord) when we're online. If you have a family, are a casual to semi-casual player, and okay with keeping it PG rated then we'd like to have you join us. The guild is ran by myself and few IRL friends. The List below is our requirements and/or things to simply know about us.

-21+ and older
-Try to keep it pg-13.
-We are US based, but don't care if you're from EU or US. Up to your discretion.
1.a) More to this, we are mostly active US EST TZ; 8pm to 2am.
-Discord isn't a requirement, but highly recommended.
-You're welcome to join and just shadow if you'd like. We accept all players (SSF or not)
-If we get enough people we may do our own league server every league.
-Lighthearted, we aren't super serious, but we take pleasure in our achievements.
-League content!!

If you're interested give me a PM here on the website, send me a message in discord, or contact me in game on one my characters!

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Raising for alertness!
I'm interested. What sort of details are you interested in knowing about me?
Hi, I'm interested in joining. I'd love to find a guild thats not too large that plays their own private league.
Hey Guys! To all of you that replied, we're just looking to make sure that you're okay with the list posted above. I'm more than willing to chat if you have other questions. If you want an invite PM me here and i'll send you the discord link.
Bumped, made more specifications about us in the OP
Upped for visibility.
Thanks to those who have msg'd me !
Bump, for the stragglers!

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