The Fishing Guild [Scandinavian] [Discord] [18+]

The Fishing Guild has existed since 2016 and has chosen to remain relatively low-key due to not wanting to recruit obnoxious or otherwise toxic members. Due to this we only recruit on a recommendation basis but we also open up a forum thread every league for a few members.

We accept any and all people as long as you're willing to help out and interact with the guild, we started out as a primarily scandinavian guild but slowly the fins took over and unfortunately it doesn't appear as if it is going to stop any time soon.

Between me and the members we have over 100k hours of experience in and around the game even though there are only 31 of us.

Don't let this incredibly boring and generic thread fool you, just join the discord and have a talk any time, if nobody is there just @Cruelfish or message me from the discord and I will be there.

We will not let you down. Ever.


Discord :
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If your microphone is terrible please use push-to-talk, also please do not join just to scream into your mic.
4 Members so far just this past hour, wow!
5 new members!
Closing the member application for now, last update, if anyone is interested do note that we only accept members that are willing to use the discord for communication.

Lately a few people have joined without a microphone and have been accepted on the basis that they will in the future get one but in all honesty we're a voice based community and it's utterly pointless to be in a guild if you're not hanging out and having fun.

Peace, see ya'll next league.

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