SC heist private league moded

me and bunch of friends created heist private league with mods 40%life 20%dmg 20%speed -20res
we plan to play this leauge as groupfound and for at least 30 days
curretly there are few spots left but expansion is possible
all of us are cz/sk but all are welcome english isnt a problem

so if u are looking for more challenging sc league with intresting economy and good company join here

League is full for now but crowdfunding for more spots is open
use /global 1487 league chat
Last edited by ekrazit on Sep 19, 2020, 4:12:59 PM
Last bumped on Sep 18, 2020, 4:23:46 PM
I have requested a invite in the league. My friend paid the +10 people in full. Could you please accept my request?

Thank you.

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