[3.12] Contagious Burning Discharge - Chieftain/Jugg | 3k+ Regen | Easy Charges | 20M damage ignites

Still seeing a lot of discussion around charge generation..no one has mentioned Enduring Composure yet..
Should we go max block with glancing blow. Then take some "power charge when block" + avatar of fire?
From 3.11, block still count as hit.
i wish u haver some lvl tips 4 me iam struggling a bit wich gem i have to usw while lvling
bodhe wrote:
Jimmiq wrote:

Ok, i guess we need to buy and test in like pvp arena. We are doing the same build with conduit, its rly awesome :)

Yeah its a fun way to play, however I would build for the hit, not the ignite. Do a team of templars or shadows. Then you're both cramming millions of DPS on top of each other. I just like the ignite style play and it's a bit of a throwback for me.

Yeah maybe its better for one of us to scale ignite and on hit. Mayhbe its possible to swap around some items, gems and tree to get chieftain to hit hard also. You have any advice to max on hit dmg?
why no Berek's Respite ? wouldnt it make us drop elemental proli ? so we could take something that boost dps
How to get charges early game? (level 33 right now)
ign: LevioState
stategamer wrote:
How to get charges early game? (level 33 right now)

enduring cry is enough im 34 right now and its rly fast if you have second wind and nodes from tree
Hey there, another cheap leveling/starter item for this build is Cloak of Flame.

Good stats for ignite and very cheap (2-3c for a 5l/~20c for a 6l)
So judging from your proof of concept video, I wonder if the "Inexorable" nodes are even worth it? I decided to start a selfcast Discharge build this league as well with focus on ignite (so like yours) but I see that I have my tree way different than yours. And Ive only just recently gotten to Blood Aqueduct and actually changed to discharge, and I got to admit, it doesn't seem like charge generation is lacking from my end, and definitely not from your video once you get Eye of Innocence. (Mind you, I don't have it, only unique I got is a Tabula)

Cus that would be some points saved for my tree and go for the duelist endurance charge. Which I assume will be nice LATER on, but dont seem needed now though.

Any thoughts?
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