SC Heist Private League New player friendly

Welcome this is Sirvi's first Softcore Private League!

I am hosting this league for new and old players that want to have fun and have a closed economy. The league has no extra mods, this is simply for new people that want to try out trading without all the trouble. We will be adding more slots and time depending on how it goes.

If you are someone that want to try out simple trading and have a good time we are open to adding you to the list. I have 8 open slots left so far.
Dm me directly or post if you would like to be added.

To join the private league for Heist you can Dm me directly or request to join at the league page:

Cost: The league right now is funded for the start I will be adding time if there is still interest beyond the 10 days. I will also be adding spots that you can help with the cost of. As of right now it funded. If you would like to add funds to add spots or days I will be open up crowdfunding to do so.
I would like to note that me and several friends have paid for the slots we currently have so if you chose not to continue to open up your slot to another person. And understand you spot has been paid for so if you could and would like to you can pay for others to have a slot. This is not mandatory though.

I hope that this goes well and if it does will be doing more. I am working on having a full funded league in the future.
Last bumped on Sep 19, 2020, 6:18:56 PM
I have added you.
We currently have spots for 10 more people and are funded for 20 days!
If you are interested in joining you can use the link to apply, you can also drop by the discord channel for an add:

We are using global chat 2189.

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