New guild, most of us been playing for around 2-3 years, kinda new i guess
Most of us are from singapore/malaysia/australia

This is a Challenge League Softcore oriented guild.

No matter your skill level, you are welcome to join and hang out. Have yourself a good time!

Contact & Application
We have a community Discord Server.


Feel free to send me a Direct Message on Discord.
You can ask me any questions you have.

Send me one of your characters' names if you would like to receive an invite to the in-game guild.
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addd me please,
heist is my second league

from Msia.
Done =)
add me too please,

i'm just return to the game today and noticed so many have changed. I'm frm Msia.

sure =P
Hi! Please add me too, just started POE and in Heist League.

My IGN is QiYi.

Thank you :)
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sure =)

pls join our discord too if u can
please add me too

i am new to POE. just join 2 leagues ago

Returning after a year. Please add me to the guild. From Singapore. Thanks
np =)

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