Friendly Hardcore Heist no rare & no magic drop league

Hi there,
Alright I’m doing an official announcement for my league.

League: Hardcore Heist
Mods: No magic and no rare item drop but you can craft them

Start date : October 9th at 1PM EST
Link for joining :

Global chat channel : 8181

In this friendly hardcore league we will add one mod only, it’s no magic and no rare item drop but you can craft them.

I and my friend we are hardcores players and we will play a lot. We accept everyone, casual or hardcore, but personally we intend to compete for the top of the ladder.

I will create a discord for player of the league so if you want to jump in and talk as you farm your way to glory you are more than welcome. You can use the discord server for trading purpose aswell. We will use a global channel to link items and trade between us.

This Friday, 9th of October, I will open the league. For everyone who want to join plz give me your preferable time between 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm EST time and I will start the server on the time with the most vote.
I will personally cover the money for the league and if you want to help contributing it will be appreciated.

We have 22 players so far 20min before the league start lets go!!!
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we have 5 players now!
im in for this :) 1pm preferred
Hi, I would like to participate in this event.
i'm in. btw why dont make it have -res also because thats what makes it more fun otherwise ull just get 5 essences and you have good items anyway so dropping items white doesnt matter anymore
Quick update we have 7 players now.

And for answering about the -res thing you can bring up the point on the discord and see if people want that or not. Im personally fine with anything. But I officially announced the league without it so except if everybody is down with it i think it unfair to change it at this point.
Is this for fun or do you have a league goal/prize?

Either way I am down to play if there is space :)
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8 players now with you

It for fun :). It the first league I'm making. If it goes well maybe for next season I will consider doing this with a price.
9 player so far if we have alot more player showing up I'm thinking about expanding the league to 20 players
just to let you know. the "no magic or rare items" mod doesnt disable league mechanics from dropping rares and magics still. Delirium, blight, heist chests, ect. all still currently drop magic and rare items.

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