Disconnect to login and broken textures since crashing in my delirium map.
I have exactly same problem. Hope someone in GGG will read this thread.
DrTheDude wrote:
I crashed in the middle of a Sirus fight. He disappeared and would not come back for 11 minutes then my game crashed. I lost the battle and need to start over. I don't know what can be done at this point.
feel you bro, happened the same to me

nearly every second heist crashes after Lockdown.
It´s terrible to see all the Loot disappear into bits and bytes :-(

Please Fix it GGG
Same. constant crashing with last update. unplayable. damn, wanted to play.
Thanks God for last patch, today only 6 crashes!

Within 5 minutes 3 crashes, good job GGG

Exatlted orbs for 30 chaos, crashes every every few minutes. YES, IM HYPED.
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GH. Got shittonn of loot disappeared. C'mon GGG ~_______~
I had a lot of crash to desktop the first week.

Then no crashes.

Now getting a crash every five contracts.

The last crash locked the pc and required restart.



Ryzen 7 3700x
Gigabyte 5700 XT
16GB 3200 RAM
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Ingot most recent crashings with Tullina, and Underbelly heist.

Cant even start the heist, crashing instantly when i enter antechamber area.
Managed to reproduce it 5 times in a row, till i cancelled that heist and start another.
Dunno if its Tullina, the Underbelly zone or a combination of factors, it just kept crashing, after chaining heists like an hour straight without crashes.
My game started randomly crashing during zone changes. Would occur at seemingly random times though, sometimes after 5minutes, sometimes after 30mins since start PoE. The crash started recently, maybe 3 or 5 days ago out of nowhere. I had been playing since around Oct 3rd until these issues started.

Ever since I updated my video drivers and changed to Vulkan renderer I have not experienced any crashes in 5 1h+ sessions. Vulkan shoots my RAM usage through the roof but that is a different problem.

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