Made another character, tried playing... getting random crashes, AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN...this is really ... I have no words.
Since 3-5 days i have many game crashes, only during heists and grand heists. Until NOW it was no problem to deal with this crashes, cause u could enter your heists and grand heists again. But since a few days my (grand-)heist portals disaperes after a game crash.

My losts in the last days:
~ 100.000 markers
- 40% exp (lv97)

My greatest problem is, that i couldnt run any heists and grand heists anymore, cause i dont have the time and currency to constantly buy additional markers to compensate my game-crash-losts...

I'm playin' Heist :°(
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The_Zaibas wrote:
My game started randomly crashing during zone changes. Would occur at seemingly random times though, sometimes after 5minutes, sometimes after 30mins since start PoE. The crash started recently, maybe 3 or 5 days ago out of nowhere. I had been playing since around Oct 3rd until these issues started.

Ever since I updated my video drivers and changed to Vulkan renderer I have not experienced any crashes in 5 1h+ sessions. Vulkan shoots my RAM usage through the roof but that is a different problem.

Started playing a new char since this post and I have crashed once in heist contract and once in labyrinth. Both windows system log and poe log show nothing when the crash happens, PoE just shuts down.
last league I played got 3 crashes, this league 10 per day, cant lvl UP, cant do shit, anyone give a shit about what we are writing here?


unexpected error occurs, and we are at login screen, HELLO?
almost 2 weeks passed, and no patch, are you joking GGG?

or maybe path will be added to your supporter pack for $$$
Crashing every 15 minutes or so... maps or Heist, it doesnt matter.
I reinstalled operating system and did fresh POE install, ran multiple stress tests on all hardware and still same issue.
This is on your end GGG.
Please fix
Normal league, non-hardcore. I got into game today, tried Witch and Templar and so far I'm enjoying game, besides entire crashing every 10 minutes thing...

I thought it is just me because I'm using Crossover/Wine on Debian machine. Apparently not lol. I'm starting game with those arguments : --nologo --noasync --garbage-generation 2. What results in CTD for native windows users just straight kills wine for me, which may be beneficial since I now posses crash backtrace which will hopefully proves useful when solving this issue. I'll also pack all files from /game folder/logs and provide the as well. I'll exclude folder labyrinth_prizes since it is empty. I guess it is related to feature I haven't used yet

Backtrace link :
Link to .7zip with logs since it is too big for pastebin :
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This started today for myself. I crash and get the "Failed to connect to instance" error every 3 mins or so.

Would really like to know what was going on.

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